BEKZOT KOBILOV-was born in Bukhara, UZBEKISTAN on october 11th 1986. An Artisan family.

In 2002, he graduated from high school  and entered College of " Building & National Craft " as an Artist and Carving

From 2007 to 2013 he studied at Bukhara State University, faculty of " Graphic Arts "

Love for Art came at an early age of his childhood, when He  was 5 years old, painted his brother's school notebooks

At the age of about 11, noticed his talent, his father sent him to study the local master-miniaturist Babur Kabilov to learn the subtleties of oriental miniature.

From 1997 to 2007 he studied, worked and gave the art of oriental miniature.

In those years of his studies, he took part in many art competitions in cities such as Bukhara & Tashkent.

For example : 2006-2007 winner for young initiative " Future Voice " and many other children's competitions.



Exhibitions and Festivals



2009.5-6 December Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN " The Central Asian Exhibition of Craft "

2010.3-5 December Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN " Festival of the Folk Arts of Central Asia "

2009.2011.9-13 November Berlin, GERMANY " Import Shop Berlin "

2013.13-16 December Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN "Christmas Art Fair "

2013.30 November-December 1  Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN " Central Asia Crafts Fair "

2014.29 November-December 1  Guizhou, CHINA " 2014 Guizhou Internetional Handcraft & Folk Art Expo " Guiyang

2015.24-29 September Gallery NIW Tokyo, JAPAN " NEW YORK- TOKYO "

2015. November New York, USA " From East to West "  International Exhibition

2015. December New York, USA  " Fantasy of Dream " International Exhibition

2016. March  New York, USA  " Art Blend "  International Exhibition

2016. April New York, USA  " Art Window "  The Winner of Golden Eagle Medal , An Intrenational Juried Fine Arts Exhibition

2016.24-27 July  Philadelphia, PA. USA  " Philadelphia Gift Show " Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, OAKS

 2016.10 November New York, NY USA . West Park International Music & Art Festival , New York Music Tower Studio - Bekzot Kobilov Fine Arts Exhibition Jury

 2016. 10 November - 2017. 30 April New York, NY USA - " SPIRITUAL ART " An International  Fine Arts Exhibition, New York realism Fine Art - Bekzot Kobilov Fine Arts Jury  

 2017.November 3-10,  An International Fine Arts Exhibition " New York-UlaanBaatar " Blue Moon Art Gallery , UlaanBaatar, MONGOLIA

 2017.November 19-26,  An International Fine Arts Exhibition " ART-NOMADS " Broadway Mall Gallery New York, NY , USA

2017.December 1-3,  " Vermont International Festival " Burlington, VT, USA

2018. March 30-31 Ocean City, MD USA " EASTER ART & CRAFT FAIR " at the R.E. Powell  Ocean City Convention Center 

2018. April 30 New York NY, USA - An International Fine Arts Exhibition " VOICE OF NOMADS " New York Realism Fine Art

2018.May 25-27 Bukhara, UZBEKISTAN - 17th Annual " SILK & SPICES " Festival in Bukhara 


Besides his works is in private collections all over the world: ASIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA & SOUTH AMERICA 

Before coming to the US, he worked as an Artist and sold his paintings to tourists, under the old trade dome of the 16th century "  TOKI SARROFON " which translates as the " MONEY-CHANGERS DOME " and it is under the protection of  


 It is located in the center of the Old City Bukhara.

Historical Bukhara is a gem of the " EAST " and it is listed as a marvelous cities of " UNESCO "